Color Theory Mastered 
By Color Consultant, KC Cohn

Welcome! I am KC Cohn, Color and Design Consultant specializing in Color Theory. I assist people with choosing color for their homes while bringing balance to the space. My strengths are exploring the minds of my clients to create the perfect look and feel. 

My quest is to have my clients truly experience how color can affect them in their environment. By exploring the possibilities within each individual, I'm able to extrude what is meaningful to each person and parlay that through color. 

The end result is an inspiring space that not only works with the existing architecture, but also reflects the feeling each person is looking to achieve for his/her home. Once their colors are perfected, the burden is lifted and my clients are finally able to breathe again. You think I'm kidding! I can physically see the relief when it's all over. They are more at ease and grateful to connect with their space.

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I have always been fascinated with color theory and design. That is why I decided to combine my two passions - people and color - into "Room Color Schemes." My fascination with color was very obvious from an early age. Everything was color coordinated. If it couldn't be nailed down, it became colorfied!

I enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a FIDER accredited school, and graduated with Honors in Interior Architecture. While there I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad at the School of Architecture in Oulu, Finland.

I have over 20 years experience working with color and design. I have designed in top commercial architecture firms, designed furniture and organizational units, and worked closely with distributors and contractors as a technical lighting consultant. I am also a part of the International Association of Color Consultants - North America (IACC-NA). This is where I study the psychology of color and it's affects on the environment.

I also have a Psychology degree from Purdue University. My psychology background allowed me to work as a Crisis Center Trainer and Volunteer. It comes in very handy during color consultations, believe me.

When doing Color Consults, I often become a Color Referee, stepping into the middle of any little differences over interior paint color combinations. More often than not, Design Paralysis has already set into my clients prior to my arrival. They have become overwhelmed with so many color choices. My approach toward my clients is the same as that of my life.  Find the humor and absurdity in situations, creating laughter, and bringing things into a positive, fun light.  But don't worry, I'll hold your hand every step of the way before the laughter begins.

So, let's have a little laugh together! Choosing paint colors does not have to be a painstaking ordeal. I can help you breeze through the process. Color theory seems to come naturally to me.

Pick up the phone or contact me online. Color theory need not perplex you. We can set up a time for a personal chat about color right in your own home. We also work closely with several Benjamin Moore retailers in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our Room Color Schemes trained consultants are in many of these stores. They are helping people just like you get those colors under control! Drop by any time and say hi! We very much look forward to meeting you!

Colorfully Yours,

Room Color Schemes

Need some Interior Paint Ideas? You've landed in just the right place!  I'm here to take you to the next level!  I completely understand how difficult choosing colors to paint a room can be!  That's how "Room Colors Schemes" was born!

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Interior Redesign - Space planning with your existing furniture and furnishings.

Interior Design - Assessing and selecting finishes and furnishings for your space. Creating an electronic specification book complete with photos. Space planning with computer aided drawings.

Staging - Preparing your property for sale to obtain a maximum offer with the least amount of time on the market.

Lighting - Assisting you with lighting fixture selection and purchases.

Color Consulting - Choosing paint colors for your walls or colors for your finishes, fabrics, and furniture.

*Hire Room Color Schemes to provide these services for you either online or in your home.

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If you're looking for help no matter how big or how small, I'd like you to contact me.  With as little or as much information as you'd like to offer, I am here and ready to help!  Most people seek my assistance when they've taken on the project of choosing what colors to paint a room.  What they don't realize is just how confusing all those colors can seem!  It's not just that you walk into a paint store and see a thousand colors staring back at you. That can feel intimidating enough! But, once you've gained the confidence to approach the wall of doom, and actually point to your favorite color, that one color breeds a slew of similar colors in a kazillion different shades!  Which one to choose???  And how in the world do you decide which of the other thousands of colors will go with your kazillionth shade???

Maybe you have all your colors picked out already.  Good for you!  Room Color Schemes can still help!  Maybe they're absolutely perfect interior paint ideas.  I can help you choose which accessories will enhance your room.  I can give you ideas for throw rugs, furniture, curtains, bedding, you name it!  Or if you're like a good many of my clients, you just need reassurance, or perhaps a tweak here or there with a color or two. 

No matter your pain, I'll direct you to a place where you'll feel so relieved!  Your only decision left will be where to get carry-out food when the painting begins.  Oh, and I do know this really nice Italian restaurant around the corner!  Tell Guido that KC sent ya!

Interior Paint Ideas start here. Fill out the form above and I'll be sure to get right back to you!  I'm so excited and look forward to our little venture together!

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