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Bathroom paint colors can make a big splash! Which color you choose for this space is pretty important. Your tile, countertop and cabinetry will all come into play as you narrow down your choices. Keep in mind that trying to pull the colors from those finishes may not always be in your best interest, however. Continue on to see why…

While the bathroom may not take much space in your home, it’s usually the room where you start your day. Because of the size of your bathroom, paint colors are often considered in relationship to the countertop and floor. If your floor is dark, you will want to keep the paint colors light to avoid feeling as if the room is closing in on you. This doesn’t limit your selection of bathroom paint colors, just the hue and intensity of the colors.

For example, to compliment a dark gray stone floor, try using Benjamin Moore Paint Colors in Spring Moss, the result looks downright organic. In general, the entire range of earth tones – from browns to greens to blues – are popular choices for bathroom paint colors.

Forewarning: tread lightly when using green in the bathroom.  Not only do your wall colors reflect light and color into the room, but you could find yourself looking a little green around the gills in a green-toned room.

A second consideration specific to bathroom paint colors is where your mirrors are placed, and the surfaces they reflect.  If you decide you’d like a bold color, but just on a single wall, be sure that your mirrors don’t directly reflect that wall.  Otherwise, you’ll be twice as bold as you meant to be! 

Let’s say you decide on Acadia White with a splash of Mayflower Red. You’re not alone! While bathroom paint colors can be tricky, paint stores that offer the brand will prepare samples of each color for you to try out before you commit to an entire wall. When using paint samples, be sure to apply the paint on the same walls that you planned to use, and if two colors meet, be sure to paint the sample area in the same way. Colors can appear quite different when they are applied next to each other.

Finally, it’s important to select bathroom paint colors that are labeled for use in kitchens and bathrooms. This type of paint will have a semi-gloss finish and it’s designed to prevent mold or mildew, even in a moist environment. Many paint manufacturers now have satin or pearl finishes that are okay for bathrooms and kitchens. They provide you with less shine and lean toward a more matte finish. Just talk with your paint store professional or color consultant about what's best for you.

Now that you have your paint, do you remember how to paint a wall? You’ll probably need paint brushes as well as rollers to complete the project. There are a few tricks to learning how to paint a wall that will give your room that professional look. First, when painting edges with a brush, paint short strokes perpendicular to the edge with a brush that has beveled bristles (called a trim brush). Before the paint dries, go back over the area, this time aligned with the edge. The first application gives you the coverage, and the second one makes it look nice.

There are also a few tricks for how to paint a wall with a roller.  Unless you are using oil-based paint, you’ll want to wet the roller with water before you start.  Don’t soak it, just wet it and roll it on some newspapers to get the extra water off.  When you apply the roller to the wall, start by painting an upward stroke, and then zig-zag the roller until you need more paint.  Try to roll, rather than lift, the roller from the wall when you stop to get more paint.

So go ahead, and apply these techniques! With my recommendations and the vast selection of Benjamin Moore Paint Colors available today, you are sure to have a comfortable, inviting and unique bathroom.  Paint colors are a fun and inexpensive way to create a home that is as unique as you are.  Now run along, you've got a bathroom that needs some attention :)

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