How to Paint Furniture and Become the Envy of Your Friends

Let's talk about how to paint furniture! Ok, I can hear that collective groan out there. But there is no need for sighs. Painting furniture can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make the project.

Preparation, preparation, preparation is the key to any good paint job! You must have a clean, dry surface before any applications. Sanding and repairing any nicks or gouges is the next step before applying primer. Glidden Gripper is a first-class primer. Glidden Evermore Interior/Exterior High Gloss Paint is also an excellent choice for painting furniture.

Wood is the most popular material for painting furniture. Gray has actually been a great color of choice for wooden furniture. The shades of gray can run the gamut from silver to smoky blue to tinted white. Martha Stewart Paint offers many tones of tinted white among her 350 colors. Ms. Stewart has chosen Soapstone Gray as one of her favorite shades of gray. Martha Stewart Colors also follow the commonly used nature theme, with shades such as Zen Garden Sand and Spring Drizzle.

"Natural" may be the buzz word for today but many still love a little "faux." You can create a faux leather finish on a wall unit or armoire. You only need paint, glaze, and a newspaper. You can create an antique look by alternating layers of paint and wax. Faux finishes require you to pay special attention to edging details and overlapping. Valspar Faux Clear Protector will provide top-quality protection for most faux finishes. It is not recommended, however, for use on kitchen and dining room tables.

I've checked around and discovered that striping is the preferred painting technique these days. Why are stripes making a comeback? Painting techniques may be taking their cues from the top furniture lines. Century Furniture's Milan collection features a striped walnut grain. Century's Bonet Top Armoire uses silver leaf pinstriping as an accent for its deep chocolate brown color. Hickory Chair, a leader in customization, also offers decorative striping.

Now that everyone is just full of enthusiasm about how to paint furniture, I have just one final tip! Do you own a Chippendale antique secretary from the 1700's? Curb your enthusiasm! Don't paint it!

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