Art Deco Movement
Tips on a Paint Color Scheme

The Art Deco Movement began in France as a reaction to the modern influences of the 1920s and 1930s. With its edge and flamboyant appeal, it quickly became a favorite in the US marketplace.

The history of architecture, as well as furniture, clothing, and jewelry, were all affected by this style. The period in time was a meeting of creativity and industry. It took its cues from the ocean liners and industrial machinery of that period. Art Deco (known also as 'Style Moderne') still provides stylish, fun design for our fast-paced modern society.

This style can easily be recreated in your space. You can skip on the search for costly, authentic elements- many available reproductions exist on the market. You can also find everything for this style at affordable prices in flea markets and garage sales.

This vibrant style is unique in it's bright colors, bold prints, and geometric patterns. Bright orange, pulsating pink, and glowing green are three sizzling shades. And even if you aren't a huge fan of vibrant color, no worries, it is very manageable in small doses.

Bring in some bright colors in rugs, throws, or cushions. Believe it or not, cream colors were often used for walls in this style. Black and white checkered tiles provided an element of bold contrast.

The bright decor came from the accents throughout the room. You can use Sherwin-Williams colors to achieve a perfect paint color scheme for this style. Sherwin Williams 'Blue Sky' gives a burst of bright blue to your walls. Or check out Benjamin Moore's 'Bud Green' as a bold jade wall paint.

The Art Deco movement is also known as jazz style – the 1920s saw the beginning tones of the jazz sound. So, why not take note and jazz up your rooms?!

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