Colors to Paint a Room with Natural Color Trends for 2009

I love selecting colors to paint a room! I know I will enjoy color in 2009. This year's colors are all about nature, nurture, and elegance. Sounds good, don't you think? I've been busy tracking down all the latest color trend information for you. Here's the deal!

Our eco-friendly lifestyles seem to be giving rise to more natural and organic shades. Benjamin Moore's Rustic Taupe and Abbey Brown are just two of the impressive neutrals of 2009. Behr Paints thrills us with its Only Natural color. Behr's Color Smart feature can help you visualize colors to paint a room.

And guess what, gray is "the" neutral for 2009! Silver and ash, Gray Ridge and French Gray, are this year's hot shades of gray. Benjamin Moore offers a popular Shadow Gray. Behr Paints has a soothing Gray Mist paint color.

And neutrals aren't the only colors of nature during 2009! Benjamin Moore's Passion Blue resembles a blue gray sky. Benjamin Moore's Elmo's Fires is a lemon yellow with a cool green base. It reminded me of lemons and limes.

Nature's bounty has inspired many of this year's vibrant shades. Duron Paint excites our senses with its Roasted Pepper paint color. Benjamin's Moore's Mango Punch and Buttered Yams serve up more fruits and vegetables. I wasn't sure at first if I was at the supermarket or the paint store!

And yes, we are going to be elegant in 2009! The Color Marketing Board believes that purple will be a trendy hue in 2009. Duron Paint makes us feel like royalty with its Royal Purple Shade. Benjamin Moore's Summer Plum is also a rich and regal paint color.

And best of all, the Pantone Color Institute has picked "Mimosa" as the color of the year for 2009. Mimosa combines nature, nurture, and elegance within one paint color. Mimosa gives us the vibrant and rich color of the Mimosa tree. This color shouts optimism and happiness. Well, after all, it does remind you of a "mimosa" cocktail of sparkling champagne and fresh orange juice! So, the next time you have a party, throw a little Mimosa on the walls!  Wow, I already like this color!  

What an exciting time to be selecting colors to paint a room! Well, I'm off to find some nature, nurture, and elegance! Want to join me?

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