4 Simple Ways to Attain Your Dreams in Life
(...and crush your doubts and fears...)

Everyone has dreams, but they often get clouded in a muck of doubt and fear. That's why most people never achieve their dreams. Doubt and fear stand guard while one's fondest hopes and desires remain on lockdown.

I witnessed this in a recent encounter with a group of courageous women. I was inspired though how they triumphed over negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

Pursuit of a Dream

The group had enrolled in my 8-week training course about how to have a successful business as a color consultant. And although no one in the group had any experience or prior classes, they had all dreamed about living the fabulous life of an interior designer. So this course became their hope and backstage pass for entering this exciting career.

Fear, however, is a crazy monster; it brings old doubts to the surface and limits our vision.

What scared my students?

They feared competition from other more educated and experienced professionals. They worried about been judged by their clients. Could they measure up to other color consultants? Would the clients recognize their talent and passion for interior design?

My best advice for the group: "You don't have to listen to fear or give in to its limitations. It’s simply a belief. And beliefs can be changed."

Fear doesn't tell the true story. It tries to give us a number of reasons why we can't do something. And unless you’re being chased by a lion, none of the reasons have the slightest basis in reality.

Yet when we entertain doubts, we question everything. Will people value me even if I don't have a college degree? Is it ever remotely possible that I can get a promotion? The correct response to every doubt is – yes, we can overcome challenges.

Just because something negative happened to us one time or even several times doesn't mean that it will happen again. Maybe you were passed over for that promotion last year, but there is no reason to believe you won't get the next one.

Besides, why do so many of us forget about our positive experiences and successful outcomes? What about when you helped a friend with their project or when we earned that bonus?

You can change your story and start living the life of your dreams.

Follow 4 easy steps on the path to success.

How to Achieve Your Dreams and Move Forward with Confidence

1. Change your beliefs. Don't believe the story that doubt and fear (or naysayers) try to tell you. Create your own story based on all the supporting "positive" evidence from your life; and, yes, everyone has this to draw on for inspiration. Quiet the noise in your mind, find your zen, and see things clearly without been distorted by negative thoughts.

2. Reprogram your subconscious to attract success rather than focus on failure. You must reframe the picture in your mind to paint a flattering self-portrait.

3. Put your dreams and revised beliefs on paper. Write them down every day; note the steadfast confidence in yourself. Feed the positive thoughts, and watch how confidence grows and doubts fall by the wayside.

4. Find others who share the same interests. Pursue your dream, make connections in person or online, and benefit from the positive vibes. This support system can be a lifeline if you encounter doubts and challenges.

Living your dream life is the result of setting an intentional path. Change the belief, and your path changes right along with it. Plant, nurture, and watch those seeds grow into a field of dreams.

Bonus Tip:

Be selective about who you confide in when sharing your dreams. And let the naysayers know “this train is leaving the station, either you’re on it with me, or you’re not - but it’s leaving the station.”

 Here's To You ~ You Can Do It!

Attain Your Dreams in 4 Easy Steps

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