Dunn Edwards Paint
and Paint Recycling

You can "Dream Green" with Dunn Edwards Paints!  And I'm talking about more than using their dreamy shade of green. This Southwestern paint manufacturer, retailing in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, as well as on-line, is all about "green" living.

And they haven't just jumped on the "green" bandwagon! In the 1950's they removed lead from their paint. There wasn't any federal government ban until the 1970's!

In the 1980's, Dunn Edwards was the first company to remove EG(ethylene glycol) from paint. During 2005 they introduced us to the Ecoshield line. Ecoshield is a zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), low odor paint.

Customers have commented on the price of Ecoshield. Some figured they used more paint per project. The drying time also came under criticism. Despite the glitches, many would still use it again. Zero VOC's and nearly zero odor remain huge selling points!

And of course they were innovators in paint recycling. This process includes reblended paint and reprocessed paint. Reblended paint is remixed from existing paint. That explains its huge "green" appeal!

Reprocessed paint includes some new material. Their "Recover" is made with 80% existing paint. But you can even find paint with 0-1% of new material!

Though not a part of Dunn Edwards, here's a name for a recycled paint that's easy to remember - Boomerang Paint! They add just 1% new product. They offer 16 calming natural colors. "Dune" is the shade of desert sand.

Reblended paint is primarily found in neutral tones. It limits you a little when choosing paint colors. But  it does unlimited good for the environment!

If you simply can't do without a variety of hues, then try reprocessed paint. It will contain a small percentage of new product. But it' still far better for the environment than regular paint.

Of course Dunn Edwards isn't the only "green" paint company. Sherwin Williams stirs things up with their "Recycled Red" mixture. And of course Benjamin Moore has its "Aura" collection.

Here's an interesting fact though about Benjamin Moore's "Aura" low VOC paint! When they introduced the "Aura" line, they didn't market its eco-friendly side. Benjamin Moore was worried that low VOCS would be equated with subdued hues.

Now three years later, both "Aura" and "green" paint seem to be making their mark. Pittsburgh Paints has also made an impression in the "green" community. "Pure Performance" was the first paint to be awarded the Green Seal Class A Certification.

So it isn't just Dunn Edwards Paints who dream in green!  But they do offer a lovely "Dream Green" color!

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