The Meaning of Colors and
Your Interior Design Colors

It's really not difficult to decipher the true meaning of colors. Color speaks to each of us in an unique way.

We react to color on physiological and emotional levels. To get the best color in your life, you have to brush up on the "real" you. See how you react to the different hues on the Paint Color Wheel!

Paint companies advertise with colors, and their meanings, in mind. Sherwin-Williams serves up a spicy "Cajun Red" shade. They recognize that red conjures up images of heat, energy, and passion. Red is an intense color known to enhance human metabolism.

Valspar aims for the opposite effect with their "Blue Mist" paint. "Blues" slow the body's metabolism. Light blue especially is thought to produce tranquility. The color blue calms, refreshes, and soothes the senses. Though a very pale blue can have a sickly effect.

If you prefer a little more heat, you can opt for orange shades. They are a mix of energetic red with joyful yellow. Yellow, of course, gives off warm, sunny and cheerful vibes.

Orange is also associated with good things - health, harvest, and happiness. It is not surprising that orange is a favorite with the younger set. Even the social networks feature color tests. Young and old alike are interested in the meanings of colors.

Green is favored by all ages. It is extremely easy on the eye and is harmonious by nature. Green symbolizes growth, freshness, and prosperity.

Benjamin Moore captures the elegance, mystery, and formality of black in "Black Satin." Benjamin Moore's "Lily White" is a pure, fresh, and clean vision of white. There is quite a contrast in the colors and their respective nuances.

And purple is seen as the color of royalty. It symbolizes luxury and power. Duron's "Royal Crest" is a regal tone with the power of endurance. Golden shades also share whispers of wealth, prestige, and high quality.

Pink says romance while brown shouts stability. Gray is one of the more popular interior design colors. Few, however, choose gray as their favorite color.  It may lose top ranking because of its association with cloudy days or gray moods.

We always have an emotional response to color. We can interpret the meaning of colors differently depending on our moods. "Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions." ~ Pablo Picasso

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