Your Personal Budget Worksheet Reveals it's Time to Choose What Colors to Paint a Room

A Personal Budget Worksheet is a useful tool for defining where your monthly earnings are spent and the money you have left, especially in these economically challenging times. These days, most of us have very little left over for the finer things in life like home renovations. However, let me fill you in on some quick and inexpensive changes you can make to feel renewed in the way you live.

Personal Budget Worksheet (PBW)

To get started, itemize your budget using a PBW. Using paper and pencil or computer, examine your monthly income minus fixed and miscellaneous expenses. What's hopefully left is some "fun money" that can be used to make inexpensive changes with paint and decor.

A PBW showed I couldn't purchase that new couch for the den. I was disappointed. Yet, it forced me to think creatively and be resourceful with my money. I realized I could spruce things up by making simple low cost changes. A fresh coat of paint on the walls made the room more inviting. A coordinating paint color on my fireplace wall added interest to the room. New pillows and a throw brightened up the old couch. I had a new look for my room and a new outlook on how I could design on a dime.

Colors to Paint a Room

Buy a can of paint.  It's that simple.  For the cost of a can of paint, you can revive any room in your home. I know you're wondering, what colors to paint a room?  Ask yourself, how do you want the room to feel? What mood do you want it to take on? Rest assured there are colors for every personality.

Interior Paint Color Combinations

You might be wondering how to select interior paint color combinations. Color cards can help with this. Once you've selected your wall color, consider painting your ceiling one or two shades lighter. Or go darker on a focal wall with a coordinating color that makes a statement. Complementary shades can be reflected in your furniture, rugs, window treatments, and accessories.

We've all been affected by the current financial challenges. But what better way to cheer up than by brightening your home's interior. Paint is the inexpensive fixer-upper. With the knowledge of a personal budget worksheet and some inexpensive design tips, you're on your way to a fresh start. Remember, it's about what makes you feel good. If it puts a smile on your face, then it feels like home.

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