Sherwin Williams Paint Colors
Inspire Using
a Color Wheel Chart

Sherwin Williams paint colors can make you and your home smile again! For the price of a can of paint, you can turn the dull and drab into bright and beautiful. Sherwin Williams offer a large selection of interior paints for every palette. So why not pick a room and get painting?

Before beginning your paint project, go online and check out interior paint reviews. Interior paint reviews can offer comparisons of top rated manufacturers, their price points, color suggestions and paint treatments. For example, interior paint reviews highly rated Zero-VOC Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint. Not the cheapest at $40 a gallon, but if strong paint odors keep you from your next project, then this is the way to go. You won't feel ill with smelly paint fumes and you'll be helping the environment by using paint with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  

Now that you've chosen your paint manufacturer, it's time to have fun selecting a color! This is where a color wheel chart can help.  Simply, it's a tool that identifies complementary colors as well as colors that probably won't work well together. You can find these at any paint store or go online to Sherwin Williams paint colors Paint Visualizer to test your color selections in a virtual world without cost or clean-up. 

Inspiration for color can come from many places.  Look around your home at the colors in your floors and furnishings, or your clothing for shades you like to wear. Open your refrigerator or visit the produce department of a food store. You'll have a real life color wheel chart staring back at you. Fruits and vegetables offer a variety of color choices. How about avocados, lemons, limes, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes and the complementary colors of orange and blueberry that would add excitement to any room.

Color is a powerful tool. Think about how color makes you feel and what mood you want to create in your space. You can achieve any look with Sherwin Williams paint colors. Dream sweetly in your calm and relaxing bedroom painted Moody Blue or Ethereal Mood. In the kitchen, achieve a bright, airy and clean look with Butter Up or Jersey Cream. Perhaps you're ready to tackle the dining room and paint on some drama with a rich blue like Cascades or a Luxurious Red. In the den or study, use the popular shade of green in Garden Spot.  Even a safe Familiar Beige or Universal Khaki works by layering on color with window treatments, wall decor, area rugs and throw pillows. But, if you still can't walk into a paint store or look at a color wheel chart without hyperventilating, it's probably time to call a professional color consultant who will guide you through every aspect of paint selection and application.  

No matter the paint line, you now have the information you need to change the way you live. Have fun and choose colors that make you happy. Turn that frowning room upside down with a splash of color. Your home and everyone in it will be smiling ear to ear.

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