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How frequently we swoon over the bedroom decor photos throughout magazines, in ads, or on websites! If only, our bedrooms could look like those gorgeous rooms with their splendid colors. We can try to duplicate the look, but more often than not, it is next to impossible to achieve the exact effect - especially when it comes to the colors. Today, Room Color Schemes will solve the mystery about why it is so difficult to create the perfect duplicate of that spectacular "magazine" room.

Living Color

Your heart might long for that luxurious shade in a favorite magazine. Keep in mind, however, that colors in magazines and print media as well as digital media (website photos) – all differ from one another. The only true color is the paint itself although the paint swatch comes a close second.

Color Expert

When picking a suitable shade to match your space, a color consultant is your best friend. A shade which looks just perfect in a neighbor's space, or in a bedroom decor photo, might not work half as well in your room. Color consultants can advise you about how the colors will appear under your own lighting conditions.

A color consultation offers a customized service designed to meet a client's individual needs. With expert help, homeowners can create any style of bedroom – traditional, contemporary, eclectic, romantic, country, transitional, cottage – or rooms with a specific style such as Mediterranean, Asian, or Old World décor.

Bedroom Decor - Beauty Tips

Your bedroom should be a private sanctuary. Wondering how to paint a wall in your bedroom? Choose a soothing color and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom Blue

Studies have shown that cool blue is one of those calming shades which allow you to get a better night's sleep. Try Behr paint colors such as a sophisticated blue Viking 550E-3 on a bedroom wall and shimmering Silver Sky W-F-510 for window trim. Accessorize with pillows of heavenly heron blue and winter white. Behr's River Valley 580F-4 is a beautiful blue-gray – perfect for a night's rest. Room accents in ultra white and bed sheets of lovely lemon will add a touch of luxury to this stunning blue boudoir.\

Color Awakening

Brighter tones can lead to a better mood in the bedroom but bold shades are not as conducive to sleep.

Restful Tones

When in doubt, try a neutral color.

Natural Shades

Variations of earthy green, soft gray, or warm brown can also work well in the bedroom area.

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